Science of PUBG Addiction: How to Stop Playing? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

As PUBG Mobile craze takes over our country, this has become probably the first popular mobile game to be banned at some places in India. The government, the police and some people blame the game itself but is it really true? What really makes PUBG so addicting? I analyse 7 different scientific reason behind this addiction. Watch and learn how to stop addiction of PUBG game or any mobile game for that matter.
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  1. Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

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    Timestamps - 1:28 Temporary Escape from Problems 2:37 Social Activity 3:40 Mission and a sense of purpose 4:27 Rewards and Ranks 6:11 Live your Fantasy 7:03 Initial Investment 8:36 Habit of Addiction I am completely against PUBG Ban but do recognize how addicting it can get. So this is a solution oriented video for everyone, for any kind of addiction

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      Kamal Rana

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      Dhruv rathee 🤮💩💩💩

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      тнeхllAkash Gaming

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      After watching comments u might delete this videos....its just a fun...pls dont make issues and get banned for us..

    • Md Tousif Nowaz

      Md Tousif Nowaz

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      I don't think the methods you have described can help a pubg player . It may help those who doesn't play but are peer pressured into playing it . I have been playing this game since beta and the way I stopped my "addiction" by achieving the goal that I set which was to become a ACE player in season 2 or 3(can't recall) . After that I play the game but not as an additional but just to have fun . At night after 10:30pm I start playing this game till 12to1 am . That is the time I have nothing to do so play the game or watch some tv series or watch tv . So what I mean to say is the best way to get out of this addiction people should play to win the goal that they set to achieve .

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    I want to support this guy but ....😣😣😥 No money....when i grow up i will surely help out this guy...he made me think like a mature....he is genius..

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    Feeling happy to see that u made video some different topic

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    Ankit Lodhi

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    Use this method 7:56

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    Teri behenki choot

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    Vinayak Sharma

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    Just checked in to see if i played the same game as others, i tried to play after my friend suggested, i found it utter boring and way too stretched for a mobile game platform. At first i thought i was playing the wrong game since people are so hooked into it, i tried it for 6-7 days but it never grabbed my attention.

  7. Balbeer Chauhan

    Balbeer Chauhan

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    I don't smoke I don't drink liquor I don't use ganja weeds But i just Play PUBG My question is why PUBG getting ristricted or these stupid things are not.

  8. Pravar Parekh

    Pravar Parekh

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    Paintball initial investment: 400₹ for 40 shots

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    Is there anyone who didn't have play pubg but still watching this video??😁😋😂😂

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    Bhai hame kaha addiction hai rozz.....1 hr khelta hun....😂😂😂 Is video ko pause Karo...or pubg khelo

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    Ek Banda jiska gaming se duur duur taak koi vasta nhi , aaj vo bhi gaming ke upar video bana rha hai.

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    Sumit styles

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    Sir ye jo last wala point aapne kha even m sabhi points ke baare bolunga ki kehne ko hum kuch bhi keh de dete hai or actually kehna is like passing a street, although im not addicted towards pubg Kyuu na agar kisi ko samjhana ho to vhi kaam practically karke samjhaye?



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  14. # Bivuti.V. ideas

    # Bivuti.V. ideas

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    I am here because my brother is addicted in pubji... He used to play pubji all the time.. And now as he do not have a good quality phone he just watch videos of pubji in INchannels.. Really it's a serious problem.. My bro had just forgot me n my family for last 3 years.. And now even he put more focus on games.. Other than Us.. JUST HATE THIS BLOODY GAME



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    Good video bro.

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    Jay PUBG..Winner Winner Chiken dinner.

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    Frist of all puse video and play pubg

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    Bhai pubg nahi khelu fortnite khelu to

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    Ram Ram Bhai Rathee...! Apne aankhein khol Di... Bahut bahut Bdiya kam kr rhe ho...bgwan kre khub agee tk jao ap

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    I play fortnite not pubg

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    Sir mera PUBG delete ho gaya hai upload kiya tha nahi ho raha hai please help 😜😜😂😂

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    Meri eyes ko ab dard hone laga hain yaaar yeh mobile se aisa lagta hain faink doo mobile ko



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    Bhai Gym se kya hota hain



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    Sport hee best hain tension free rahna ke liye



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    Awesome topic

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    bhai tu jo marzi keh le bt jana toh gerogepool aur bootcamp me h hai

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    A guy who don't know shit about gaming is talking about pubg lol.

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    Hi Dhruv, Big FAN of yours. Bohot he accha analysis Karte ho aap. I hope to listen to your analysis on following topics also: 1. Bofors Scam 2. 2G Spectrum Scam (2008) 3. Commonwealth Games Scam (2010) 4. Adarsh Scam (2012) 5. Death/Murder of PM Lal Bahadur Shashtri 6. Fake identity scam by following Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Aur haa jaise PM modi ke travel ke bare me bateee hori hai waise ek aur vyakti hai jo travel lover hai, please inka bhi video banao yaar, kyoki aapke jaisa analysis koi nai kar sakta hai youtube pe. 7. What Rahul Gandhi did for the 60 days he went missing. (This is really very important issue kyoki agar PM banne ke baad Rahul jee 60 dino ke liye gayab ho jayenge ke toh desh kaun chalayega???) Please Dhruv, plase make videos on these issues we want to know the truth.

  30. Doctor Doctor

    Doctor Doctor

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    8:07 i did that yesterday but instead of deleting pubg I cleared the data. Now whenever you'll open it you'll have to download 200mb extra data and wait for 10 minutes. :)

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    I am sure that Mr. Rathe himself didnt uninstall the pubg app.

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    I'm great fan of u Dhruv... but disappointed with this...

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    This video was surely good .. I would say that u should start making video's on these informative topics and their solutions rather than blaming bjp ... For your kind info ...bjp sarkaar has only took the initiative to ban pub g in some parts of Gujrat ..😂 U didn't thank bjp for that ?? Why ??🤔🤔 But overall this was a good video

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    Indian #Jai Hind

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    Better to use a simple Button Phone and stay from this all chutiyapa 😤😤 Quick Loss Temper is now Disease in every second person who are so voilent by using this smart phone.. this things making our Human Atmosphere more worst than Animals

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    agar pubg bann kr skte ho to drugs q ni pubg to fr ek source of entertainment h lekin drugs to kisi ka ghar he khatm kr dete h

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    j sb thik h lekin football addiction se kese bche 😁😆 ... me v khelta hu pubg but still football is my first priority chaye bimaar hu chaye kuj toota ho

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    Shyamali Saha

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    Pubg m rank aage badhna chahte h students bt exam m rank 1 lane ka mission nai bnate na hi sochte h ki class me sbse aage rhu... Aj k date me students pubg m top rank m aa rhe and pdhai m last rank aa rhe h.

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    Aaj Pubg delet kar diya

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    Itna Pubg kon khelta he

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    Hi Dhruv! You're really taking independent journalism to a new level. My request for you would be to shed some light on two important topics. 1) Rising Depression amongst young Indians. 2) Pornography Addiction

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      Dear Black Beast Can you teach me , even I want to startup my freelance ..

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    Am I the only person who has never played PUBG

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      Bravo. Man don't ever play it. If I knew that this shitty game is so addictive, I wouldn't have installed it in the first place.Unfortunately I did and now feeling depressed about the time I wasted. 😢😢

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    ALL for ONE

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    Pubg is banned but tobacco is not

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      tobacco brings revenue via tax. PubG doesn't. its just a game.

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    But people are making money from it?do you know that fools???????😠😠😠😠

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    Paintball ka paisa kaun dega?

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    Indians please stop making videos with English titles if you speak some other language in them. Or add subtitles. I understand English is cool to you but it's confusing to us non Indians.

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    What a paradoxical situation is this you are watching youtube and youtuber is sayin dont waste your time on watching this bullshit.

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    Puzzle Solving,Sudoku,Chess,Brain Games must be played instead of it .......



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    Epsilon's Dilemma

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    This is the first time a massive part of India has easy access to internet and cheap devices to access it. This is almost the first time that a very big part of India has discovered online gaming in general, so such a reaction is understandable. With time will come wisdom. But banning videogames and arresting people for such a thing is a violation of rights.

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    I think this moron should stick to making propaganda videos on politics, and leave the gaming related topics to gamers....retard

  73. mizox


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    I think this moron should stick to making propaganda videos on politics, and leave the gaming related topics to gamers....retard

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      Ya douche bag. Keep on playing 24*7 and ruining your life.

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    I think this moron should stick to making propaganda videos on politics, and leave the gaming related topics to gamers....retard

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    The real solution is ban Tik Tok

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