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Kritika finally decides to look for her perfect match and this is how she meets him. Match on Substance over Selfies! Download OkCupid here: bit.ly/2VpGo9J
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Channel Head: Akansh Gaur
Creative Head: Apoorv Singh Karki
Written by: Sadhvi Sharma
Directed by: Simarpreet Singh
DOP: Arjun Kukreti, Georgy John
Edited by: Ashish Dogra
Stock music: Universal Music
Production Design: Beeva Mahajan
Creative Producer: Ambrish Verma
Line Producer: Puneet Waddan
Chief Assistant Director: Swati Singh
Colour Correction: Arjun Kukreti
Assistant Directors: Sanjeev Joshi Manikk Khurana, Tushar Sahi
Assistant DOP : Himansh Ahuja , Simarpreet Singh
Graphics: Chandan Bhatnagar, Ashish Dogra
VFX: Ankur Sharma
Audio Correction: Tusshar Mallek
Assistant Art Director: Vikrant Shahi, Shweta Yadav
Post Production Supervisor: Tushar Manocha
Production Manager: Irshad Ali
Production Executives: Prabhjot Singh and Ravi Kumar
Costume stylist: Oyindrila Ghosh
Head - Brand Partnerships: Vijay Koshy
Head - Brand Solutions: Vyom Charaya
Head - Account Management: Gauri Joshi
Brand Sales & Solutions: Puneet Shukla, Asavari Waichal & Shreya Singh
Marketing: Bhavya Prabhakar, Himakshi Batra, Srishti Millicent & Ankur Sharma
Finance: Manish Saini, Nikita Joshi & Ravi Mittal
Legal: Megha Gupta
Cast: Vikram Bhui, Ridhima Bedi, Sahil Verma, Manikk Khurana, Shweta Yadav, Shreya Singh, Sadhvi, Ravi Kumar


  1. The Timeliners

    The Timeliners

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    How did you meet your partner?

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      DrAnkita Shah

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      Make video on peoples during morning walk

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      I just stare her

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      bhai 8th mein hu abhi.......

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      Rohit Singh

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      +Riya Yeshmin kisne kaha engineer ko job ni milti

  2. Bhakti Upadhyaya

    Bhakti Upadhyaya

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    This is so sweet♥️ but online dating.. can't trust it man😂

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    Sanjay Bhagat

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    Bsdiwalo bohot taklif hoti h aise video mat banaya karo pls

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    Yr exam tha or ab ye vedio dek ki ....ab to ghnta pdne ka mn hi ni hora😶

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    Pranav Joshi

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  7. Ben10 Action

    Ben10 Action

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    I didn't liked it but just loved it. Great

    • Eesha Lohariwala

      Eesha Lohariwala

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  8. Shruti Chavhan

    Shruti Chavhan

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    Awww so cuteeeee 😍😘

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    pooja jaiswal

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    After this video who went for OkCupid...???

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    how to create YouTube channel

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    Pooja Godiwal

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    saloni tambi

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    @Sadhvi Sharma.... Awesome writing...

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    MR. sTARk R

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    Meri life bhi same hai yrrr...bfore 6.45.....😭😭

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    Batss k

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    Just perfect..!!

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    chandni poddar

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    This video changed my mood for sure😁

  19. Sagar Gupta

    Sagar Gupta

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    Ldki pakka gym jati h

  20. Vipul Yadav

    Vipul Yadav

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    I don't know how the time flowed

  21. Vineeth A

    Vineeth A

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  22. Illuminati Lucifer

    Illuminati Lucifer

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    22 still single!!! Cmnt

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    Andro Gamer

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    Who want a second part of this video like me

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    Joy Pratihar

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    Dark Assissan

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    new song 2019

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    Abhigyan Axomiya

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    🙂 only if you can feel this smile. Apna time ayega

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    Sushil Kumar

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    i m abhishek and i was met on facebook

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    DJ Kishor Ekka

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  30. Maverick Versus Everything

    Maverick Versus Everything

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    Your production value is insane. Mav says he approves. :)

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    Vipul Sharma

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    Mst video I like your video

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    Shivam Jha

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    Cutestttttt .....❣️👏

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    Jivesh Prashar

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    Sujit Prajapati

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    Rakesh Kumar

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    siddhant sharma

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    Timeliners ki har video mein at least ek 'G'old gaana to hota hi hai...One more reason I love to watch timeliners videos.

  39. Saksham Shahu

    Saksham Shahu

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    Kamla ain't like kamla

  40. Ashish Gautam

    Ashish Gautam

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    Is it just me or this is just another video that feeds into women the idea that being single is the most painful thing and you are useless if you can't find your Mr right. But anyways, bollywood has been doing the same for years, love is the ultimate goal for every human being. Right???

  41. Aftab Rahman

    Aftab Rahman

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    Part 2 chiyai.😭😭😭😭

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    Sanjukta Sengupta

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    Prateek Sinha

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    The guy in the video is my future alter ego, yeah I will be handsome 😎😎😎😎

  44. Abhi Jeet

    Abhi Jeet

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    Mujhe v apna Micky chahiye---- sounds like my bestie..

  45. Prince Viraj Saini

    Prince Viraj Saini

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    i met my girlfriend on an dating app...n we both r frm different cities she is frm Mumbai n I'm frm Bangalore . when we started talking .. i felt that ya she is the one whom I'm searching for my whole life.. do you know guys Epic Bollywood movie SIRF TUM .. my story is bit kind of same only .. cozs when we r dating ..i don't even ask her pic n she's also .. it mean we didn't seen each other .. n started loving to each other.... if u guys want to know my full story then as much as like my post till that The Timeliner will notice my comment... I'll grateful to share my story to all of u guys.. i know u want to know that when i went to meet with her n how was my first reaction.. I'll tell everything guys...

  46. Ankit Srivastava

    Ankit Srivastava

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    Bas Itni Si Baat !

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    Ronit Deb

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    Neelkantha Bhattacharjee

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    saransh goyal

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    Ankit Chauhan

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    Sakshi Sangtani

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    Binita Saha

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    Need it's part 2

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    Tarun Singh

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    What a piece man... So deep writing... whoever wrote this, just know this.... BIG FAN....KEEP GOING

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    Things you have To know

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    Vanshika Agarwal

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    Prabhat Chaturvedi

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    Still I am waiting for your video of apology as you had lots of offensive stuff in "types of topper" video. Will dislike and report all your videos until you apologize.

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    aaliyah azmi

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    THIS IS AMAZINNNGGG. She did something I would totally do. Fries and Ketchup- Yessah baby. hahah. P.S WHERE CAN I FIND A GUY LIKE THAT?!

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    Chandrachur Ghosh

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    Anirban Paul

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    A Grateful Human

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