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  1. slimane ayache

    slimane ayache

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  2. Anju Kumari

    Anju Kumari

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    Osssum movie trailer

  3. hasen 1491

    hasen 1491

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    king of the Bollywood

  4. bimal 007

    bimal 007

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    Zinda hu mai tujhme ...tujhme rahunga zinda ..todke sab janjire ..mai hu aazad parinda..💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. singer Arif deewana fillms

    singer Arif deewana fillms

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    Arif deewana 💪 regular

  6. Sanju Khan

    Sanju Khan

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    Kon Kon Trailer Dekh Raha hai ..?

  7. Alyssa


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    1:40 Who is this guy?

  8. 4G India speed

    4G India speed

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    BHARAT MOVIE Holi super hit Salman Khan

  9. faisal hussain

    faisal hussain

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    Bhai ese acha tha comedy movie banate kuch samaj nahi aya trailer me👎👎👎👎👎👎



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    GREAT 👌💯👍

  11. mihad ahmed

    mihad ahmed

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  12. One Man Army Pawan

    One Man Army Pawan

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    I Proud Of Your Charecter Sallu Bhai 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 भारत नाम है मेरा इसके आगे अगर कोई सरनेम लगा दूँ तो इसकी बेजती होगी 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️🙏

  13. Golam sarwar

    Golam sarwar

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    very. extnkulicity

  14. Mohammad Aamir

    Mohammad Aamir

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    Super trailer

  15. Salim Ansari

    Salim Ansari

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    Nice Salman Khan

  16. funky girl

    funky girl

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    0:45 dishaaa

  17. Jk Gee

    Jk Gee

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    have khan

  18. qadeer ahmed

    qadeer ahmed

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    Nice trailer bahrat

  19. Entertainment Media

    Entertainment Media

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    Salman bhai is a remake bhai... 'Take Off' film he spoiled to Tiger Zindagi and now 'Ode to my father' spoiling to Bharath... Salman bhai plz don't support these kind of directions.. Do somethng different we want our old Salman back..

  20. Clash with Aatif

    Clash with Aatif

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  21. Atif Husain

    Atif Husain

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    Apna bhai alera h dis Eid

  22. Atif Alam

    Atif Alam

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    koun koun chahta hai first day 55 cr opening milegi like koro

  23. Atif Alam

    Atif Alam

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    Kya bharat 600 cr kmaigai please comment like 💯👌

  24. Willy Farrell

    Willy Farrell

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  25. Ambesh yadav

    Ambesh yadav

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  26. lyrics master Pathan

    lyrics master Pathan

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    Eid mubarak Must watch

  27. ziaulquamar siddiqui

    ziaulquamar siddiqui

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  28. filmmaking hub movie Mahendra saini

    filmmaking hub movie Mahendra saini

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  29. mahima prachandia

    mahima prachandia

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    Don't know who wrote movie dialogues... Bharat is made 71 years ago! Like seriously??

  30. Ankit Sharma

    Ankit Sharma

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    Masala dalkar content ki aisi taisi kar dete hai...

  31. Sk.RoHan HoSSen

    Sk.RoHan HoSSen

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    Salman baijan is best

  32. saurabh dubey

    saurabh dubey

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    The trailer shows that there not should be any hard story line.But they(Salman&com) must tried to pull out the partition pain in Comical way because of which Many audience would be get angry.

  33. saurabh dubey

    saurabh dubey

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    The trailer seems to be a ridiculous in which the Salman is going to Show another veer like stupidity that would be like 70 year old man again playing the role of 25 year old handsome stud too in the last.

  34. WhatsApp Status And Funny Videos

    WhatsApp Status And Funny Videos

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  35. Farman Khan

    Farman Khan

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    Nice song

  36. Rahul Barman

    Rahul Barman

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    *request to all salmaniacs....plz sab twitter fb insta pe ali abbas zafar aur bharat k pure team ko bolo aaya na tu gaana youtube pe upload karne k liye.....i am a die hard salman fan....this song is by far the best...main likh k deta hu...agar ye gaana upload ho jaye to haters bhi bharat dekhne theatre gaane main bajrangi bhaijaan wala feel aa raha hai mujhe....aur bajrangi bhaijaan movie haters bhi dekhte hai....mujhe bas aaya na tu aur turpeya song chahiye.....thap thap ko theatre me dekh lenge!!*

  37. oc editing zone

    oc editing zone

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    Who excited for bharat like here

    • oc editing zone

      oc editing zone

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  38. Shinjan Bhatta

    Shinjan Bhatta

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  39. Lucky Gupta

    Lucky Gupta

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    Kon kon 45 millions kai Bad Trailer dekh rahe hai

  40. kothmirkar ashish

    kothmirkar ashish

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    Kabhir singh will rock more than thisss

  41. Nostalgic RAIN

    Nostalgic RAIN

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    Before watching Bharat, you people better watch korean movie "Ode to my father". You will not regret it.

  42. Bara na manu, Masti ha

    Bara na manu, Masti ha

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    The worst thing in movie is katrina kaif! Pryanka was best choice

  43. dhruv kumar

    dhruv kumar

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    At 1:25 katrina says "aap aai hai" to salman😳

  44. Love U Status

    Love U Status

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  45. Sandip Kahhzbszh

    Sandip Kahhzbszh

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    my favorate actor bhai jaan salman khan

  46. Sandip Kahhzbszh

    Sandip Kahhzbszh

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    best views

  47. Rasul Nadaf

    Rasul Nadaf

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    Salman Katrina Super Jodi

  48. Rasul Nadaf

    Rasul Nadaf

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    Salman bhai is Ramzan Mein To Dhamaka karne wale ho

  49. SHIVAM KUMAR shivam

    SHIVAM KUMAR shivam

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  50. SHIVAM KUMAR shivam

    SHIVAM KUMAR shivam

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  51. SHIVAM KUMAR shivam

    SHIVAM KUMAR shivam

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  53. Sahil Padghan

    Sahil Padghan

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  54. rakesh singh gurjar tanwar

    rakesh singh gurjar tanwar

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    Bhart movie relese date aa gyi ha See more movie

  55. Panchal Keyur

    Panchal Keyur

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    Sadi muvi

  56. Onik Hasan

    Onik Hasan

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    i love Salman vai

  57. shams sakina Emma

    shams sakina Emma

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    Katrina+ Salman are perfect in real life couple and on-screen couple too..😘

  58. Kartik Parmar

    Kartik Parmar

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    bhai sahab 71 saal pahele aap bane hoge desh bahut porana hai

  59. Dream11 The Best

    Dream11 The Best

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    Aur Tujh mein Pura Desh Hai Bharat 🇮🇳🇮🇳 👌👌

  60. Rao Gulzar

    Rao Gulzar

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    super duper hit

  61. Aarav Kumar

    Aarav Kumar

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    Bharat movie is best

  62. Aarav Kumar

    Aarav Kumar

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    Salman Khan super Star best actor and Katrina super 🌟

  63. Vayz Journey

    Vayz Journey

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    ❤ from indonesia

  64. Varun Rathour

    Varun Rathour

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    Katrina ko acting nahi aati jo jo agree kare like maro

  65. Manish Chauhan

    Manish Chauhan

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    Wow super movies.... Salman Khan is best actor I like song ..- aa dub jao Tere aakho ke osan me .... SLOW MOTION ME

  66. Rjshahin Sdp

    Rjshahin Sdp

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  67. Madhav Haritwal

    Madhav Haritwal

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    I am just getting boured seeing slaman and katrina again and again.......I am going to vomit



    23 घंटे पहले


  69. Izhar Izuu

    Izhar Izuu

    दिन पहले

    Hit like for salman bhai ❤️

  70. Izhar Izuu

    Izhar Izuu

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    Another blockbuster movie ♥️♥️

  71. Vijay Rajpurohit

    Vijay Rajpurohit

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    super excited

  72. Abdu Raheem

    Abdu Raheem

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    Fazool c lg ri hei

  73. Mesam Ali

    Mesam Ali

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    bss films se apni janta ko khush karty rahein haqeeqat main abhi nandan ki tarha kutt parti hai



    दिन पहले Zinda Song for whatsapp. 😊 please sub my channel.

  75. kpwilzhimomi


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    Another remake. Please come up with original script.

  76. MosesMl MosesMl

    MosesMl MosesMl

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    Hate you

  77. Itei maa

    Itei maa

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    Movie upload kr do bhai

  78. irshad ansari

    irshad ansari

    दिन पहले

  79. irshad ansari

    irshad ansari

    दिन पहले

  80. irshad ansari

    irshad ansari

    दिन पहले

  81. Smith Asher

    Smith Asher

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    2.16 🙌 believer!! Believer!! 😊😂 Anyways only the beat 🙌

  82. SM V

    SM V

    दिन पहले


  83. Nida Faris

    Nida Faris

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    Mashallah dil jeet liya salmaan khan ne

  84. Гаянэ Амирян

    Гаянэ Амирян

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    Good 😍😍😍

  85. Joud zakarya

    Joud zakarya

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  86. Sk Sahabuddin

    Sk Sahabuddin

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  87. Maktoom Saba

    Maktoom Saba

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    Opening dialogue is inspired from "Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie"

  88. Bilal Shaikh

    Bilal Shaikh

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    Blockbuster movie

  89. Ajay Desai

    Ajay Desai

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  90. anurag chouhan

    anurag chouhan

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    accha hua kabir singh ke sath release nhi ki varna lag jati teri

  91. Technical Phone Rader

    Technical Phone Rader

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    Love u salman bhai

  92. Accounting Coach

    Accounting Coach

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    Who thinks this movie will break the previous records hit like.

  93. Shivam Aggrawal

    Shivam Aggrawal

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    All time blockbuster on the way 1000cr confirmed

  94. Ninja gamer

    Ninja gamer

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    Yes bhai like karo India ke liya

  95. Md Nadeem

    Md Nadeem

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    45 m dekhlo

  96. Moral Heart Aheer

    Moral Heart Aheer

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    Kon kon ye treller 45m view ke baad dekh rha hai

  97. JOHN cena

    JOHN cena

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    Kon Kon Views Check Krne Bar Bar A Rha Hai

  98. Shady


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    Salman is present in every timeline .Therefore he was present at the incident which happened on 28,september,2002.

  99. Saqib Raza

    Saqib Raza

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    World best hero is sulman Khan

  100. Firojalam Alam

    Firojalam Alam

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