The InChannels Network was set up by a team who are frustrated that local and niche media has been gobbled up by Big Internet and we want to give the small guys a chance to fight back.

We therefore spent many years developing a platform that is easy to use, intuitive, flexible, and most important of all, integrates all the commercial opportunities available to a modern online channel.

If you’d like to launch a local or hyper-local channel for your area, village or town, or a niche channel for your favourite hobby or subject, get in touch.

And it costs nothing. Our platform is free to use, but we’re keen to see you generate revenue from your content quickly since we share revenue with you. If your channel is successful you will end up owning part of ICN and the platform.

Here is how the revenue share works:

Free for 3 months with 50% revshare, you must generate minimum sales of £100 within the period to continue trial

Sales over £500 your revshare goes up to 60%

Sales over £1000 revshare goes up to 70%

Sales over £2000 revshare goes to 80%

Sales over £5000 revshare goes to 90%

Alternatively you can buy an open licence for £500 a month with 5% payment clearance fee